Without A Map

'Without A Map' is a short film that explores what it is like to identifiy as Asexual. It was written by me and created for Channel 4's Random Acts short film strand. It screened in London Short Film Festival (2019) and The British International Amateur Film Festival (2019). Kind thanks goes to Rural Media, Julie Coleman (Project Manager), Grant Black (Creative Director), Suzie Norton (Producer), Tom Lawes (Director), all the fantastic cast and the crew members that made this film possible.

A Call To The Stars (COMING SOON!)

A Call To The Stars is a Sci-Fi Adventure audio series written and created by me and produced by Queer Ear Productions.

Synopsis: It's a perfectly ordinary day for Nicola Brown. The trains run late as usual, her colleagues are annoying as ever, and she’s working another tedious shift at teleshopping company Planetary Connections. It’s all a rather large inconvenience for her. Leonora Hale-Bopp, space punk incarnate, is stuck on Earth with an uncooperative universal remote control. When the two connect over a phone call they realize they could be the solution to each other’s problems. Their lives become intertwined forever, as their meeting in a coffee shop leads to the creation of a whole new reality.