I'm Rose Marie, a freelance copywriter and developmental editor based in North East England.

Let's get down to business...

There are two sides to what I do. I write engaging, informative and creative content for businesses and individuals. My copy stays true to your voice and vision. For a taster of my past work you can check out my copywriting portfolio here.

When I'm not creating, I'm providing writers with comprehensive feedback on their manuscripts and screenplays. My assessment service will provide you with actionable revisions to help develop and hone your unique writing talent! Take a peek at my testimonials to hear from writers I've worked with. 

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The person behind the screen... 

I'm a bookish human. You can find me at my happiest when I'm buying, touching, reading, (and yes, even smelling books). In my spare-time I run a blog called Bookish Banter and a bookstagram dedicated to my love of literature. 

When I was little I wanted to be a vet but it turns out that hemophobia and veterinary practices don't mix, so I settled for being a cat parent. After that I figured I'd go into the food industry and become a chef. I studied catering for two years and discovered it involved far too much cooking. I realised that the only thing that sparked passion in me was reading and writing. I studied Creative & Professional Writing and Screenwriting and left university with a 1st class honours degree. This gave me a whole new sense of direction! I wanted to write and I wanted to help others tell their story. Script Rose was born from this passion and I continue to work towards those two goals.

In 2019 my Random Acts short film 'Without A Map' was screened in The London Short Film Festival. I am currently writing a surreal sci-fi audio series for Queer Ear Productions. 

You can also catch me postcrossing, bookcrossing, drinking tea, going to the cinema, binge watching TV shows, gaming, and snapping nature photographs. 

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