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“I asked Rose to review a dramedy that touched on topics such as dementia, domestic violence, gambling addiction and unemployment.  Rose was able to provide several suggestions for improving it that were easy to comprehend as well as giving feedback on what she thought worked well. I think every writer needs a reader that can provide that mixture of praise and incentive to do better in the next draft, which is what Rose can do.   She was also very prompt in providing feedback.”

― (Paul Mahoney, Screenwriter, 2016 winner of the Euroscript Screenwriting competition)

“I found her assessment service not only encouraging but also insightful. The main script I sent her was riddled with problems but sending it to Rose truly changed my view on it. If you’re serious about writing I’d look no further than Rose Drabble.”

― (Joao Antonio Nsita, Screenwriter, London)

“Rose provides excellent, clear and constructive feedback. She clearly takes the time to understand what a script is trying to do and her feedback very much aids you in your aim to achieve that goal. She’s also a dab hand at spotting typos!”

― (Paul Nash, Screenwriter)

“Rose deftly identified the strengths and weaknesses of my script, some of which had not been pointed out to me before, and passed on succinct and constructive advice which I would be stupid not to follow.  She replied with her feedback in a quick manner and it was worth the wait.  I know my script will be stronger now Rose has had a look at it.”

― (Rossa McPhillips, Screenwriter)

“Rose gave me a prompt response and clear notes with valuable input. I especially appreciate that she caught several formatting errors and typos that I was surprised I missed. She spent a good deal of time going over my script, thoroughly answered my questions, and gave further explanation when requested. Thanks to her work, my work looks more professional and I am more confident sending it out.”

― (Roxanne Paukner, Screenwriter, USA)

“When I needed a speedy fresh pair of eyes to review my screenplay, Rose fitted the bill perfectly. She got her notes back to me in very quick time and it was all very encouraging, well considered, constructive and clearly explained. Her suggestions for improving and strengthening my work were excellent and she gave me lots of food for thought ready for my rewrite. This will most certainly help me in my endeavours to make my writing the best it can be. Thanks Rose, much appreciated.”

― (Dee Chilton, Screenwriter)

“I engaged Rosie Drabble to read a script for me prior to circulating it.  This was a script I had rewritten numerous times and was sure it was as close to finished as I was going to get it. During the edit Rose raised questions about some of the decisions I had made. This was good as it showed Rose was taking care to understand and engage with the work. One note I valued greatly was Rose comparing herself to a character in my story.  She offered up a personal insight for me.  This will help me incredibly in maintaining character consistency. I also like Rose’s use of language in her feedback and editing. It comes across as “I’d do this..” rather than “You must..”.  Rose’s feedback was concise and prompted thought.  This is fuel for a creative mind.”

― (Craig D Griffiths, Screenwriter, Australia)

“In addition to a thorough understanding of format and mechanics, Rose Drabble has a patient and pleasant approach. She imparts thoughtful criticism in a respectful manner, which makes it easier to digest challenges to favourite scenes and treasured bits of dialogue. Rose was generous not only with her time, but also in suggesting outside resources to improve my screenplay and future script writing. She answered my questions and included additional suggestions. Many script editors will use criticism as an opportunity to re-write a client’s script in their own image, but she focused on the intent of my story and working it into the best script it could be.”

― (Tony Cella, Screenwriter, USA)

“I asked Rose to take a look at a script and was surprised and delighted at the quick turnaround. It’s refreshing to find someone as prompt. As well as providing an editing service she pointed out some minor improvements that will make the script tighter and stronger overall.  Rose has a nice way of imparting her ideas and manages to convey them in a straightforward manner. Thanks for all the help Rose and I will definitely use your services in the future.”

― (Damien Michael Aulsberry, Screenwriter)