Rose Drabble is a script consultant with one mission: to help inspire creativity, provide innovative script advice, and work closely with writers to develop their writing.




Handing over a piece of writing to a complete stranger to report feedback on is understandably never easy. That’s why it’s important that you invest in a script consultant who knows what it’s like to be in your shoes first-hand.


Rose studied Screenwriting and Creative & Professional writing for three years, gaining a 1st class BA Hons.


She received professional training on how to edit scripts and provide feedback to writers under the guidance of producer Yvonne Grace. This training involved script editing an early draft of ‘Hooten and The Lady’ and providing detailed feedback to writer Jeff Povey. She also gained the opportunity to analyse the Holby City episode “Blag Dog” written by Patrick Homes.












In 2016 she joined a writers’ collective and worked within a team of six writers to create a three-part drama television serial. Through working collaboratively with writers Rose saw through the creation of three scripts from idea conception to a professional table read-through.














Rose worked with Samuell Benta (writer / producer) ; reading several of his television scripts, treatments, outlines and reporting detailed feedback to help him develop his writing projects.


She led a team of writers to create and write comedy and drama television pilots. She worked on an individual basis with each writer. She read outlines, synopsis, treatments and scripts and provided constructive feedback, reporting on solutions to potential problems that might affect the scripts further down the line. Upon completion of the project the writers had all successfully written television pilots.


This experience ignited a fire inside Rose. Working directly with writers made her realise her passion and so…


SCRIPT ROSE came into existence.


Rose has an excellent understanding of the screenwriting process. This knowledge allows her to approach giving writers feedback in an empathetic and comprehensible style. Through this she aims to impart thoughtful critique that will encourage the writer and help them raise their script to the next level. This style of feedback has been met with a lot of positivity from writers who have engaged in her services.


Tony Cella, screenwriter, commented:


“She imparts thoughtful criticism in a respectful manner, which makes it easier to digest challenges to favourite scenes and treasured bits of dialogue.”


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If you would like to engage in Rose Drabble's reading, feedback and development services head to the CONTACT PAGE.