I'm a Script Consultant & Screenwriter based in the UK. I strive to provide insightful script feedback, ignite creativity in others and work with writers from all walks of life.


My script coverage service provides writers with detailed, tailored feedback on their screenplays. I understand that every writer is an individual and treat them as such. Every script report that I produce is personalised and specific. I write reports for short films, features, TV scripts and theatrical plays. I enjoy reading scripts that come in all shapes and sizes! You can read testimonials from writers I have worked with in the past here.


I studied Creative & Professional Writing and Screenwriting

and graduated with a 1st Class BA Honours. I gained Script Editing For TV training under the guidance of Yvonne Grace.


When I'm not reading scripts and providing feedback on them, I write original screenplays. I am part of the script appraiser network for Manchester ADP theatre. My Channel 4 Random Acts film 'Without A Map' was released in June 2018.


- Rose Marie Drabble