Just finished a draft of your manuscript or screenplay? Getting ready to send your story out to the big, wide world? Or are you just looking for some honest, constructive feedback on your writing?

I'm Rose Drabble and my script coverage and manuscript assessment may be just what you are looking for!

The service I offer includes a full read-through of your screenplay or manuscript and a comprehensive report that contains general comments, page specific notes, and a summary that provides you with suggestions for potential revisions.

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“I asked Rose Drabble to have a look at one of my pilot scripts that I have been having some trouble with and she couldn’t have been more helpful. She was quick to reply to my email and had her notes in my inbox the very next day. Rose clearly highlighted a very major portion of my script that needed reconsidering, which has helped me reassess what I am trying to do with the piece and how I want to get the drama across. Thanks very much Rose!”

― (Jess Farley, Screenwriter)

“The feedback I received from Rose was very detailed and considered. She knew the material well and had clearly put in the time to read the script and break it down. The turn around was quick and the feedback was very helpful when I redrafted my script. Highly recommend!”

― (Liam Lacy, Screenwriter, Australia)

  "Rose was able to provide several suggestions for improving it that were easy to comprehend as well as giving feedback on what she thought worked well. I think every writer needs a reader that can provide that mixture of praise and incentive to do better in the next draft, which is what Rose can do.

― (Paul Mahoney, Screenwriter, 2016 winner of the Euroscript Screenwriting competition)

" Rose Drabble has a patient and pleasant approach. She imparts thoughtful criticism in a respectful manner, which makes it easier to digest challenges to favourite scenes and treasured bits of dialogue. Many editors will use criticism as an opportunity to re-write a client’s script in their own image, but she focused on the intent of my story and working it into the best script it could be.”

― (Tony Cella, Screenwriter, USA)